What bingo do you want to make?

You'll be playing bingo in minutes with the fastest and best bingo card generator in the world.

To get started, choose what type of bingo you want to make:

1-75 Number Bingo

The most popular bingo game in the USA and many parts of the world.

The numbers 1-75 are randomized in columns on a 5x5 grid.

1-75 Bingo works brilliantly for small and large groups.

1-90 Number Bingo

Widely played in the UK and Canada. Each bingo card contains six small "tickets".

The numbers 1-90 are randomized in columns, and each number appears once on each bingo card.

Custom Bingo

Create a custom bingo game with your own choice of words or numbers.

Perfect for parties, school teachers, as an icebreaker activity... The only limit is your imagination.

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