Bingo Card Generator Tips

How it works

By default the bingo card generator will:

  • resize all of your bingo words so they are as big as possible in each square
  • allow your words to 'wrap' onto several lines in each square
  • randomize each bingo card so they are all unique

Usually this will give you great bingo cards, but sometimes you need to use the extra options to get exactly what you want.

Add free space

This will automatically add a free space to each bingo card. For 3x3 or 5x5 bingo cards it will be in the centre; for 4x4 it will be in a random place.

All words same size

This option makes the text in each of the boxes the same size.

All on one line

The text in each box will be kept on one line. This is great for math teachers entering formulae.

Human Bingo

The text only takes up half of each box, so there is enough room to write someone's name (or other words) in the box.

Don't randomize

Each bingo card will be the same, with the same words in the same squares.

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