For the true bingo experience you need to get some bingo daubers. If you're playing with several bingo cards at a time then you need to be able to mark them quickly - a bingo dauber is the best way. It sounds like a messy idea to me, but on a rainy day you could try making your own bingo daubers with younger kids - might add some more fun to the game for them if they have made their own dauber in the colour of their choice. There are lots of different ways of picking out the words or numbers to call the bingo, but the traditional method is to pick balls from a rolling bingo cage, though this only works for number bingo unless you have an extra supply of blank balls to write on. If you only play bingo occasionally, and you like to play games other than 1-75 bingo, then printing your own bingo cards is a great idea. But if you regularly play 1-75 bingo with lots of friends then you might be better off buying bingo cards online - when printing lots pf pages in colour the cost of ink really starts to add up.
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